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We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have our issues you require advise with. These questions are for your convenience as they are the most usual questions.

  • How we works?

    We try to accommodate walk in bookings but we always encourage clients to book their appointments online. We appreciate that for aesthetic procedures clients will often have questions which we are more than happy to discuss with you and we will welcome your call or message.

  • Am I a candidate for semi- permanent make up?

    Anyone who wears make-up is a potential candidate for semi-permanent make-up. If you lack colour and shape to your lips. If you regularly pencil in your eyebrows or would like to give them a better shape or fill in gaps where they have been over plucked; if you want to enhance your eyes and want the effects of eyeliner without the running and under eye smudging.  If you simply want to save time by not having to apply a full face of make-up every day, then semi-permanent make-up could be an option for you!

    2. Does it hurts?

    While most patients experience mild discomfort during the procedure – especially in its earlier stages – the discomfort typically becomes more tolerable as the session progresses.

    3. How long it last?

    Semi- permanent make up usually last up to a year, for some people over the year for some less than a year. This make up gradually fades over the time.  It depends from many factors like skin type, life style, age, metabolism, sun exposure etc

    4. There are any sides effects?

    Main sides effect are redness, could be swollen and then after few days small, tiny scabs, sometimes tightness and itchyness for 2- 3 first days after the procedure.

  • Lip enlargement questions

    1. Can I drink coffee before this procedure?

    No, you can not drink coffee before lips enlargement treatment.

    2. Will I be swollen?

    Yes, you will be swollen. If you want to do this before your wedding or important events, you have to do this at least 3 weeks before. You can also have a bruises after this procedure.

    3. Will I have big lips after 1ml?

    Depends…everybody has diffrent shape and size of lips. 1ml it’s good to start from .

    4. Is this dangerous treatment?

    Every treatment with needles and aesthetic procedures in general may have  a risk, you have to take this in consideration.

  • Chemical Peel Questions

    1. Does it hurts?

    No, it doesn’t. During the treatment you can only feel small sting sensation.

    2. Any sides effects or down time?

    Yes, there are few sides effects like redness, dryness, scabs. Usually last up to few days. You have to hydrate your skin a lot after chemical peels.

    Down time – usually 3 to 7 days after the treatment when you can feel tight, itchy, dry.

    3. What’s the benefits of chemical peel treatment?

    This is one of the best treatments for pigmentation, uneven skin tone and scars. Make your skin smooth, even, remove fine lines, pigmentation and  is anti aging.

  • What is microneedling treatment?

    This treatment is one of the best anti- ageing  treatments. This collagen induction treatment stimulates collagen production in our skin. Micro-Needling is used to improve skin tone and texture; treating the appearance of ageing; scarring; stretch marks and pigmentation marks from acne and sun damage. Topical products applied directly after Micro-Needling can be absorbed to a far deeper level in the skin, making them more effective.

    2. How many treatments is recommend?

    Usually from 3 to 6, but depends from your skin, age and problem.Ideal results are achieved after multiple sessions.

    3.Are there any risks or side effects?

    Like all cosmetic procedures, microneedling isn’t without risk. The most common side effect is minor skin irritation immediately following the procedure. You may also see redness for a few days, bruising and peeling. So  skin irritation and redness within the first few days following the procedure is normal. This is a natural response to the small “injuries” made by the needles in your skin.

  • How does laser hair removal work?

    Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

    2.  What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

    Skin irritation. Temporary discomfort, redness and swelling are possible after laser hair removal.

    3. How many treatments will I need?

    It depends on the area being treated; how thick and dense the hair is and your skin type – it varies from person to person. You’ll need at least six to eight treatments.

    4. Does laser hair removal hurts?

    As with all treatments, it depends on the person and how sensitive they are, as well as the area being treated. The sensation is like an elastic band being snapped against your skin, and the laser is moving all the time so the sensation is well-tolerated by most people.