The latest achievement in the field of medical peels is skin biorevitalization with PRX-T33 peeling.
The PRX peeling treatment gives the best results when used in a cycle of 3-5 treatments, performed at weekly intervals. However, even after a single treatment, the effects of peeling on the skin are noticeable with the “naked” eye. PRX T33 can be combined with other treatments, e.g. hyaluronic acid fillings, threads, radiofrequency, fractional lasers, microneedling. Its biorevitalizing effect supports the operation of these treatments and strengthens their final effects.

– scars of various origins (including chickenpox, impetigo, acne, atrophic scars)
– loss of tension, firmness, sagging face and body skin
– skin discoloration
-skin aging prevention

The effects and benefits of the procedure:
-moisturizing and tightening the skin
-smoothing the skin
-blackhead reduction
-improvement of firmness and correction of flabby skin (e.g. neckline)
-face and body biorevitalization
-safe treatment, performed regardless of the patient’s age, at any time of the year.
-the procedure is short, about 15-20 minutes and pleasant for the patient.
-the procedure requires no preparation by the patient.