Retix C- innovative skin rejuvenating treatment

Retix C- innovative skin rejuvenating treatment. Bases on three active ingredients- retinol, vit c and antioxidants. These ingredients cause a regulation of the skin exfoliation process, hydration improvement and stimulation of the production of collagen fibres responsible for firmness and skin tone.

New Retix C uses Retinol – a pure form of vitamin A, one of the most effective ingredients used in skin rejuvenation, and vitamin C and a cocktail of antioxidants, acting brightening and regenerates the skin.

Retinol present in Retix C is stabilized, which means less skin irritation and better tolerated as compared to the conventional retinol used in the same concentration.

The stability of retinol in Retix C contained 4% obtained in the hydrogenation, confirmed by numerous tests of resistance to: UV, high temperature and oxidation.