Semi-Permanent makeup is simply a modern and very precise form of face tattoo.

👁 Semi-Permanent makeup is simply a modern and very precise form of face tattoo.  Of course, techniques for introducing dye under the epidermis and the type of pigments in the case of tattoo and permanent makeup differ radically.  How does it look like?  Read.👉 For what purpose do we undergo such procedures?
 The reasons are two:the first is obviously the desire to achieve a lasting aesthetic effect.  Yes, permanent – every lady hurrying to work every morning is greatly reducing the time to prepare for the exit.  For this we do not have to worry that the line will blur from the sweat, the lipstick will be eaten with lunch, and the eyebrows will be constantly subjected to adjustment and dyeing.   The second advantage of permanent make-up is to correct the mistakes of mother nature.  They may be asymmetrical eyebrows (one above, the other below), unsymmetrical eye spacing, lack of labial red, eg after an accident, scars, improper skin pigmentation, or other shortcomings with which the fight with cosmetics is ineffective.  Permanent makeup is also a blessing for people after chemotherapy who have temporarily lost their eyelashes and eyebrows.  In this case, we contour the parts of the face gently so that our interference would not be conspicuous.

❤ Remember – a well made permanent makeup is one that you can not see that it was made.  A delicate smudge, a light outline … this is how it should look !😍 Certainly you have seen women with thin droids on your forehead like painted pen, or with black raven wings instead of eyebrows.  This is the result of a poorly done work by the linergist, or a complete lack of aesthetics.  Thick, black, square eyebrows fit only young Indians and Arabs.  Our bright, delicate faces need a European sense of aesthetics.👉Does the permanent makeup treatment hurt?
 It depends on our resistance to pain.  One of the ladies feels unpleasant vibrations (this needle, introducing pigment under the skin), while our other patients feel only a slight tingling sensation. 👉How does convalescence work? Redness and swelling in the treated areas can last for 2-3 days.  The skin in these places may slightly peel off – it is worth moisturizing.  And no plucking or tanning these places for at least 6 weeks!👉Do we have to undergo correction after the procedure?
 Most often, the ideal end result is required.  We remove any imperfections that have come out after the correction.  Remember that our skin is still working, so part of the dye could have been absorbed by these few weeks.  After that, you only need to fill the level of the pigment every 12 – 24 months. 🙏Please remember that it is very difficult to correct after unsuccessful treatments in other clinics.  Not because we do not want to, but often it is simply impossible 🥺.