What is microblading?

Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen (technically, a bundle of 12 to 15 needles) to deposit pigment into skin. The tip is so fine, in fact, that it can create hair strokes. Lasts about a year or more, depending on your skin type and many other factors.

I use pen with  small blade to do tiny strokes which imitates hair. Thats why microblading eyebrows looks so natural.

It’s best for anyone who wants natural look that lasts. For people with very thin eyebrows, uneven, eyebrows with gaps or for everybody who doesnt want pencil them every day. The strokes are nicely blended with your own hair. I do not shave your hair! Ok, so…first step is to talk with my client about shape and colour. At this stage clients ask a lot of questions and I’m not suprice , this is face, if something goes wrong we can not cover it like other parts of our body.

After that I apply numbing cream for 30mi. In that time I talk with my client about contraindications, after care and we go over consultation form.The entire appointment is about 2 hours. It takes approximately 25 -30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect.

Next, the longest step in the procedure is to take measure and to draw the shape of the eyebrows. I always give a choice of pigments but typically I advise to choose a colour that closely resembles my client natural brow shade.

Then the pre-draw is done and once we both agree on a shape,the microblading begins.

It’s important to understand that microblading is a two step process as everyone heals differently. You will need to come back for a touch up session which is very important. After 4 weeks, you get the touch-up and you can even out the eyebrows if there is some spots missing pigments. You also can go for darker pigment at this time. The most important part is to not removed the scabs, even if it’s really scratchy. Otherwise, the pigment could come off! Usually I give a cream to my clients to use at home if they feel itchy and tight.

It is nice, natural and amazing procedure. Eyebrows are like frame to our face . They shape, lift and enhance our face.